It is my honor to present this year’s Kinderdance “Rookie of the Year “Award. The Award itself, began over thirty five years ago to recognize our newest franchisees for their outstanding performance and leadership. The recipient of the Kinderdance® “Rookie of the Year “Award must have demonstrated, over the current dance year, their dedication to the education of young children thru dance, movement and fitness combined with a growing Kinderdance business.

It’s been said of this year’s winner that she has for some time, and continues to, put her whole heart and soul into building young children’s minds and bodies by teaching Kinderdance® programs to hundreds of children in her community. Since purchasing her franchise in 2014, she has also earned Kinderdance® “Franchisee of the Month “in 2016 and again in 2017. She has always had a love for working with young children and dreamed of owning a business that she truly enjoys.  Coming to Kinderdance® from the corporate world and dancing since a young child, she is now is committed to building positive relationships in her community by teaching children life skills that promote their self-confidence and build their self-esteem. She is also a wonderful mom, raising two little boys with the support of her husband, Sean.

Fellow Kinderdance® franchisees, teachers and corporate staff, please acknowledge this year’s Kinderdance® “Rookie of the Year “Award winner………. Teresa Kinney!